The essence of CARORA

by Iana Shabatina on May 01, 2020

Any brand consists from the details, aspects and unique functions. We devote a lot of time to details, fabrics, accessories and manufacturing.

Most process seems us as professional obviously and clear, requiring no explanation. While you would like to understand why some of jackets are warm, don’t steam and suit perfectly, while others loose theirs appearance after a few weeks of wearing. What is the difference between natural and synthetic fabrics, what is the uniqueness or advantage of a particular model.

Therefore, we decided to tell about CARORA details.


Fabrics CARORA

We always attend that CARORA clothing is made from natural fabrics. It’s the brand philosophy. The benefits that natural fabrics provide - from anti-allergenic qualities to the recycling are important for us.


Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics made from the natural elements. They are made from natural fibers of plant, animal or mineral origin.

There are not many natural fabrics. The most common: silk, cotton, linen, wool.

Linen and cotton are of floral origin.

Silk is a product of silkworm secretions. 

Wool is the hairline of animals.

Separately in the list of fabrics there are viscose and modal. 

Viscose is an artificial fabric made from wood (a natural element). Modal is a type of viscose made from 100% wood pulp (eucalyptus, beech, pine). Modal is often used to create sportswear; it is a durable, elastic, "breathable" material.


Synthetic fabrics

These are fibers made by the chemical synthesis of polymers that do not meet in nature. For example, residues from the processing of oil, coal or gas. Mostly, that fibers are produced by melting raw materials.

A lot of them have the prefix "poly" polyamide, polyester, etc. But, there are many other names for synthetic fabrics, which can’t t immediately understand what kind of fabric it is.


We using natural fabrics because of weighty reasons blow


Natural tissues are anti-allergic, antiseptic, breathable and thermoregulatory. The last two qualities could have some synthetic membrane tissues (sportswear, etc.). But most of synthetic fabrics can cause an allergic reaction or sepsis. Because it’s produced by melting refuses of oil and gas products. These substances are toxic to the human body.


Production and disposal

The production of fabrics from natural materials is very important for the eco-system of our planet.

For example, silk decomposes under prolonged influence of sunlight at the temperature of 110 C, while polyester (the most popular and often used fabric) - at T 350 C. The decomposition period of natural fabrics: 2 - 10 years, while the decomposition period of synthetic fabrics makes from 100 years and more, it depends on the fibers and tissue density.

Most synthetic fabrics are made from oil residues. All toxic substances enter to the ground during decomposition. And then it fall into water and food.


Green consumption

One-off is a scourge of our time. Suddenly a lot became one-off (from kitchen towels to furniture). Everyone already knows that it’s a serious factor in environmental pollution.

We are adversary of one-off using, we don’t create clothes “for the season”.

Our brand is creating a fashion form, we are giving and emphasizing timeless woman style. We use high-quality and expensive fabrics. The fabrics weaving and processing allows CARORA’s clothes be wearing more than one year.

We use manual labor for keeping their shape and sit on the figure. The inside of CARORA’s clothes is as good as the front side - the seams are closed with English seam or braid.

This is not only an aesthetics or clothing class matter. It save the seams, the fabrics do not fray, and the clothes do not loose shape.


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